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black halo jumpsuit stylespygirl

Why Jumpsuits Are So Hot Right Now!

With 2015’s trend towards 70’s fashions, it’s no surprise to see one key 70’s trend making a major comeback: the Jumpsuit. It seems like every brand, store, and fashion line is selling jumpsuits this season, and here’s why…

spring fashion 70's style

That 70’s Trend – Spring Fashion Gets Groovy!

Ah, can you feel it? Spring is here! And all across the fashion runways and grocery store magazines, you’re seeing it: the 70’s are back, baby! Bell-bottoms, lace-up tops, clogs, nature-inspired jewelry…

hal davis stylespygirl 2

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Ah, love is in the air! Whether you’re level-headed, romantic, mushy, or full-blown twitterpated (yes, that’s a thing; Google the movie Bambi!), here are some gift suggestions for the unique love of your life.

denim & stripes main 2

Easy Style on a Budget: Denim & Stripes

What to wear, when you’re not in the mood for a ton of effort? Stripes + Denim + Hat = Fab Look! Most women have some type of striped piece in their closet…

polyvore modcloth fall layering challenge

Modcloth’s Layering Challenge for Fall

As a girl with curves, layers can be a particular challenge; put me in a puffy coat, and I feel like that little kid in the Christmas Story, waddling down the sidewalk until he falls over in the snow and can’t get up…

pink blush stylespygirl street

Luxe Dressing For Less

How do you put together a high-end look without breaking the bank? The key is in the details!

nordstrom plaid grid 2

Nordstrom Ups the Ante on the Latest Plaid Styles for Fall!

When Nordstrom’s August 2014 Catalog arrived in my mailbox, I wasn’t surprised to see a plethora of plaid styles throughout the pages… What DID surprise me, is all the cool and unexpected ways Nordy’s upped the ante on this favorite fall staple!