Please Cast YOUR VOTE!!!

Winter is waning, and a hint of change is in the air. But something more than just Spring is blossoming here in the City of Trees; Boise is blooming – can you feel it?

The fashion landscape here has been somewhat limited in previous years, but the truly stylish have found ways to shop online, treasure hunt in the Treasure Valley’s fantastic consignment stores, and employ their creative talents in making the best of what they have. Soon, however, power shoppers and casual mall walkers alike will have even more reasons to rejoice!

NEW stores have arrived this last year; DSW Shoes, J. Crew, Francesca’s Collections, Green Chutes, and Bohme Boutique, to name a few!

And 2012 holds even more exiting arrivals, like Whole Foods, Soma Intimates, and Nordstrom Rack. Oh, and there’s also a HUGE outdoor shopping plaza, movie theater, ice skating rink, and park going in on the corner of Eagle & Fairview, which will change the retail shape of this city in a very BIG way!!! Check out the plans for it here:

The Fashion Landscape of our beautiful city is evolving, and Boise’s trend-setters are standing out more and more. But the big question is, WHO inspires YOU?? When it comes to fashion and style, who stands out in this town?

I’m teaming up with Fusion Magazine this Spring, to produce the biggest and hottest fashion featurette Boise has ever seen in a local magazine, and we need YOUR help! Please comment here, telling us who YOU think is a Fashion Icon in this town! Clothing designers, store owners, entrepreneurs, downtown celebrities… Cast your vote!!! :-)

Can’t Help But “Stare”!

I recently had the delight of working with the stunning and talented Naomi Psalm, styling her hair, makeup, and wardrobe for the cover of her newly-launched CD, Stare, produced by Dame Alexander.

Stare is a lush, beautiful album, that showcases not only Naomi’s talent, but that of her new band The Blue Cinema as well. With musical veterans Rob Hill (bass), Mike Tetro (drums) and Dan Costello (guitar) backing her up, the true range of Naomi’s voice is given energy and space to soar to new heights, tapping into a potential that seems deeper and more emotionally raw than on her previous three albums.

From lashing barbs to soul-wrenching sighs, Naomi’s voice can stab your heart in one second, and soothe it better the next. One fan on Facebook recently described her style as “More Alanis Morissette than Sheryl Crow,” and I agree with that assessment! Naomi invites you into her world, equal parts strength and softness.  The first single, Already Hit Send, about fateful words you can never take back, is easily the album’s catchiest tune. Haven’t we all been there? “What did you mean, what did you hear? I can’t backpedal; I already hit send.”

But my favorite song has to be Listen, where Naomi urges someone she’s desperate to connect with to “surrender your pride; tear down the walls!”  Listen is so simple, but it echoes the heart’s desire of any woman who’s ever wished her strong, stoic man would let himself be vulnerable, just for a moment, and so that she can truly connect with his heart. Naomi pleads, “Would you take a glimpse of my heart, before you have to leave?” knowing that moment, if it ever comes, may indeed be brief.

If you have a chance to see Naomi Psalm & The Blue Cinema perform live, I recommend you take it! Their dynamic is such a dichotomy of energy and introspection; it’s something you just have to experience in person. To sample or purchase Naomi’s music online, head to, or Follow Naomi on Facebook , for updates on live shows and future music releases!

Photos by O2 Photography